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Chapter 1

Planet Sinn

A gray spaceship coasted along through space heading towards its destination. The planet was a dull red color and was covered in nothing but sand and small wind. The ship was barely held together by poor welding and even tape as when it landed metal parts shook out of its body and the lights flickered until they went black. The ship landed hard about ten feet from where it was hovering; smoke arose out of the front hood and the bay door slowly and violently shook open. A tall man in black armor calmly walked down the bay door’s ramp as he brushed his hair from all the smoke filling the ship. He had gray hair and a very large chin, and his armor had large shoulder pads like a football player. His face was handsome but old, and he had a large smile. He walked onto the sand and observed the ship on its last legs and shook his head.

“I stole it anyways.” He grumbled as he pulled out a cigar and lit it to smoke. He exhaled purple smoke from his mouth as he looked around for others.

“Well I hope the navi-computer wasn’t outdated, otherwise this is embarrassing.”

“It’s embarrassing regardless.” He heard a voice above his head. The man observed another person in black, but this one had horizontal pointed ears and large wings on his back that he flapped to softly land next to him.

“Ah, Bludtron. This sadly means I’m in the right place.”

“How much did that piece of junk cost you Vorda?”

“How much does your mother cost?”

“Oh. You got me. How horrid.” Bludtron replied with no tone.

“Things are bad I take it?”

“No more than usual. You?”“Well it could be worse I suppose. Did he mention what his offer was?”

“No, but I figured this would help considering. I didn’t realize things were this bad for you Vorda; at least for your line of work.”

“Ah, those scumbags are locking down all over the galaxy now. Makes it impossible to smuggle toothpicks.”

Vorda continued to smoke his cigar and exhaling more purple smoke.

“Want one?”

“No thanks. Trying to quit.”

“Your funeral.” Vorda smiled as he smoked more.

Vorda and Bludtron looked up as they heard another ship approaching and landing on the dusty planet. The ship was green and looked like it had reptile scales and the appearance of a crocodile. The ship settled and the mouth of the ship slowly opened and the bottom of the mouth was a ramp for passengers to exit out the mouth.

“About time.” Vorda smirked.

The first person to walk out of the ship was a humanoid that was white as snow and had a red zigzag streak that extended from his abdomen up to the top of his head. He had blue eyes and a very wide smile that was impossible for a human.

He walked off the ramp onto the planet’s surface and moved his hands to introduce the next person walking down the ramp. Vorda and Bludtron stood up straight and gave their full attention as the second person walking down was a humanoid lizard with three toes and fingers, his forearms and elbows were green and the rest of his body was red. His face had a black mask that covered his nose and mouth. He had a very long green lizard-like tail and his head had two greenhorns on his head.

“Good morning.” He spoke in a low tone of voice.

“No croissants?” Vorda asked.

He scoffed and motioned to his henchmen.

“Icstenay, if you will.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Icstenay pulled out a device that created four chairs and a round table that they all walked towards and each took a seat.

“Before we get to business, tell me, how are things going for the two of you?”

“Oh horrible. My last 4 jobs were a bust and-“

Before Vorda could finish speaking the broken ship he arrived on exploded and all four turned to watch it blow up as pieces comically landed next to them.

“And I’ll need to hitch a ride with one of you after this.” He finished.

Icstenay crossed his arms and laughed through his teeth like a wheezing hiss.

“Oh, you think this is funny?”

“Why yes, I do.” He responded with a big smile and wide eyes.

“No, this is funny.”

Vorda pulled out a laser gun and Icstenay revealed two prongs embedded in the palms of his hands that shot out pink energy whips. Both put one foot on the table but Kromatone’s lizard tail slammed the table, interrupting them.

“Boys, behave yourself, we’re here on business and nothing else.”

“Just get to the point Kromatone, if you don’t do a lot of talking and fast then I’m out of here.”

“How? You’re ship blew up.” Icstenay hissed again. Vorda only pointed his finger at Icstenay in anger.

“We’re here because we all share one single problem; The Galactic Republic Core; SpikerMan and his team have all defeated us at one point or another. I’ve devised a plan that will get rid of them once and for all, but I require your assistance-“

Vorda burst out laughing before Kromatone could finish his sentence and rubbed his head with his right index finger and thumb.

“Oh, of course, of course, this is what it’s about. The plot thins. Are we going to rid ourselves of the heroes? Like the last thirty times right?”

“I have a plan-“

“Of course you do, and you had a plan last time and the time before that and we accomplished next to nothing but being in prison until we broke out.” Vorda crossed his arms and shook his head.

“Do you want work or not Vorda?” Kromatone asked as the tone of his voice slowly built in anger.

“How much?” Vorda asked.

“I’ll get to the point. The three of you will get one fourth of planet Sinn.”

There was a silence around the table as Vorda and Bludtron slowly looked at each other in disbelief.

“Planet Sinn? You mean that treasure planet that’s supposed to be a myth?” Vorda asked.


“That’s correct.”

Vorda looked at Kromatone with a straight face and then laughed for a few seconds.

“That’s great. This has been great. Yep. As much as I’d like to believe you, and I don’t; unless you have a real offer then I’m out of here.” Vorda got up from his chair and walked towards the burning remains of the ship he stole to try to salvage anything.

“It does exist,” Kromatone replied.

“Oh yeah? Well, where is it?”

“The whereabouts are kept a secret for the sake of the generations of my family. The treasures are a collection of their riches for many thousands of years.”

“Yeah well I’m not doing anything until you can prove you can pay me.”

“Oh Vorda, why do you think I asked for you to meet us here? Icstenay.”

Kromatone gave Icstenay the command and he pushed another button on his tablet. To Vorda and Bludtron’s surprise, the entire planet started to shake and the surface broke into sections and separated outwardly, the sand spewed through the cracks and the pieces split enough to reveal the center of the planet was completely different from the rest of the planet. The real planet glittered with jewels and gems of all different sizes and color, but the jewels were protected by a new surface that was see-through glass that had a steel door that had many different locks. Bludtron picked up Vorda by flying towards him and lifted him up from under his arms and his wings flapped as they approached the new surface along with Kromatone and Icstenay casually floating down to walk on the glass surface. Bludtron and Vorda couldn’t find any words as they were mesmerized by the size and amount of money that was on the planet.

“Ok, you have my attention.” Vorda said honestly.

Kromatone approached the door and started to open it, scanners analyzed him and a monitor showed a 3D representation of his body and the screen showed a green word “Match” as the door slowly opened.

“Before you go in, I have it set to detect if anything leaves the planet, and if it does you’ll blow up. Try to control yourself.”

Kromatone let them in and Vorda and Icstenay acted like kids in a ball pit. Icstenay took a hand full of gems and tossed them into the air over and over while Vorda tried to swim in them doing strokes. Bludtron was more reserved as he would pick up a few gems and look at them through his digital magnifying glass. Kromatone watched the three of them with his hands behind his back.

“Scrooge McDuck, eat your heart out. Icstenay joked.

“I got to hand it to you Kromey, this is the most fun I’ve had in decades. So we each get a third right?” Vorda asked.

“No you each get a split of one fourth of the planet.”

“Wait. I’m confused, I thought you said we get a fourth a piece?”

“Ugh. No, take one fourth of the planet, and you get a third, Bludtron gets a third, and Icstenay gets a third.”

“Ok. I’ve never been good at math; how much would that be then?”

Kromatone shrugged as he looked around as Bludtron pulled up an augmented calculator that created a 3D image of the planet to start calculating the numbers.

“It would be enough to satisfy you for a few lifetimes.” Kromatone answered.


“According to this just one of us would receive 1 Quadrillion credits rounded up.” Bludtron answered as well.

“One quadrillion credits?” Vorda replied in disbelief. His face was very excited for a few seconds but then he turned to Kromatone in question.

“That seems like overkill for a job Kromey. You never told us what the job entails.” Vorda said.

“I agree. This seems too good to be true. What exactly is your plan?”

Kromatone landed on a large pile of gems above them as he looked at all three of them.

“We’re going to destroy their galaxy.”

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