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Wrath of Kromatone is my first Novel, still in progress, which I hope to have released soon. SpikerMan is a superhero I created when I was a kid and was inspired by many things in my childhood. Over the years I’ve created many different characters and worlds and stories in this universe. I picked the one story I thought would work the best to introduce these characters and the world of SpikerMan and that is Wrath of Kromatone.

SpikerMan is a superhero in space that defeats super villains all across the galaxy. Wrath of Kromatone begins when SpikerMan chases a thief that stole an isotope to be used as a part of a bomb the size of a supernova. Kromatone, the main antagonist, is the one behind creating this weapon, and he hires many other supervillains to join him in stealing the isotope back to complete his bomb.

The supervillains begin a game of chase as they try to steal the isotope back from the heroes and the five main characters SpikerMan, Sara, Scerpinder, Kelvar, and Lucky all work together to try to stop the destruction of the galaxy. 




SpikerMan is the leader of a small group of superheroes who defeat villains and protect the galaxy from many different threats.

As the leader, he is strong, confident, and demands an authoritative presence even among his teammates.


Scerpinder is a rogue and unpredictable brute. He used to be a villain, but after SpikerMan stopped him so many times he decided to join with the heroes. He was experimented on and can regenerate his body no matter how much damage he takes. 

Despite joining the heroes he still participates in shady practices and wants to become the ruler of the universe one day.


Sara is SpikerMan’s wife and the Dean of the hospital in Kunac’s station where the heroes work and live. Sara is the teammate that supports the other heroes by having telepathic and healing abilities. She is a very kind and strong woman that is a pacifist when it comes to battles. 


Lucky is Kelvar’s cyborg dog who nearly died from his village being attacked. Instead of putting him out of his misery, Kelvar tried to save Lucky, and gave him cybernetic enhancements and the ability to speak English. Lucky is a very polite and loyal and dependable companion. 


Kelvar is a space Knight that is kind, caring, sometimes sarcastic and has a heart. He runs the restaurant at Kunac’s Station and is a risk taker as he will break the rules to see justice done.

He has feelings for Sara, despite her being married to SpikerMan, and as hard as he has tried to let her go, he just can’t.


Kromatone is the main antagonist of Wrath of Kromatone. He and SpikerMan have fought each other for years, and their rivalry comes to a head in this story.


Kromatone is an alien lizard that can regenerate his body in miliseconds. He is a very powerful opponent and he comes up with a plan to assemble a bomb with the power to destroy the galaxy. He recruits other villains to help him and they work together to defeat SpikerMan and his team.

Artwork by Mikaela Land

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