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Wrath of Kromatone is my first Novel still in progress which I hope to have released this year in 2017. SpikerMan is a superhero I created when I was a kid and was inspired by many things in my childhood. Over the years I’ve created many different characters and worlds and stories in this universe. I picked the one story I thought would work the best to introduce these characters and the world of SpikerMan and that is Wrath of Kromatone.

SpikerMan is a super hero in space that defeats super villains all across the galaxy. Wrath of Kromatone begins when SpikerMan chases a thief that stole an isotope to be used as apart of a bomb the size of a supernova. Kromatone, the main antagonist, is the one behind creating this weapon, and he hires many other super villains to join him in stealing the isotope back to complete his bomb.

The supervillains begin a game of chase as they try to steal the isotope back from the heroes and the five main characters SpikerMan, Sara, Scerpinder, Kelvar, and Lucky all work together to try to stop the destruction of the galaxy. 

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