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My first novel is coming soon! I’m working very hard to get it ready for editing and publishing. Check back later for updates and thank you for your patience!

Book Progress

Update 09/20/2017:

Hmm. Well…This is a bit akward.

If you’ve been following my progress for the book then you’d know that I reached a point of editing, and I went with the constuctive editing that entails an editor reading the manuscript and giving suggestions, and I received some professional advice that was disheartining. I’ve basically decided to start over.

Alot of the things I had established before are out the window. The story is different, the plot and scienarios are different, so alot of my “progress” is gone. 
I don’t think the title will be the same either. I know it seems bad since I myself had worked on this story for a few years, and I don’t think it’s a bad story, infact I’ll probably return to it at some point, but it’s not a good start to introduce this world and the characters. I’ve actually thought this to be a good thing. I get to craft a new story and that leaves alot of potential for new ideas and fun to be had.

Right now I’m writing out alot of ideas and setting up how the plot will actually unfold as it’s been constantly changing. When I do have significant updates to share I will. In the meantime please visit my other website and channels as I’m more active there than I am here.

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