Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 24


Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 24 by ~spikerman87 on deviantART

I cheated a little. I split this episode into two because it was getting long and I felt it was trying to fit too much into one episode.

The leader of the Dark Sorcerers tells Eclipso the story of Mudora and what happened to him in his childhood, and the aftermath of Eclipso’s tragedy.

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Lots of Updates


Not sure where to start with this, but I’m changing around a lot of things as far as my schedule for what comes up next and the aspects of “things”. I can’t word it right, but here’s a list of things:

Tragedy of Eclipso part 4 I’m putting on hiatus

Yeah I know, but it’s becoming a running joke at this point and I’m not going to pretend that I’m still interested in finishing it right now. I had a series of events that happened last year that prevented me from releasing it the way I wanted. It was suppose to be an incredible thing, but it’s become a disaster, the ending is depressing and I get depressed when I try to work on it. This is not good-bye forever, it’s just right now is not the time.

My next project is Cyber-Zelda

I was hit with inspiration and desperately wanted to work on something fun and outrageous and this the whole reason for Cyber-Zelda. The craziest non-sensical and intentionally worst adaptation for a Zelda game. The game will have funny cutscenes, and very short. I’ve worked very hard to make the game fun and worth playing. It’s not going to be huge or anything. I just wanted to make it simple, funny, and fun. My current goal is to release a small demo so you can see what it will be like.

The future of Seven Dark Sorcerers

I’ve re-arragned the events of the story so far, and from what I previously had planned there may be fewer episodes left at the end. I think I said the total would be 35, but because I was able to fit so much into the comic versions it might be more like 30. I’m not sure yet we’ll just have to see. There will be maybe 1 to 2 more comics. then…


The whole point of the show was to make an animated show and not a comic show. I know my animating skills aren’t great, but forget it. We’re going to do this right. The first episode animated will be Rigalo vs. Onox. to the end. Keep in mind though that the first animated one won’t arise until the beginning of next year. I have some things to clean up before the year is over so we’ll start next year fresh and nothing left behind.

The Secret Project.

There is a secret project I am working on, but this one is too big for just me to take on…so I’m getting help. :) It will be probably the first collaborative animation I’ve done, and I’m excited to see what will happen and what it’ll look like with a mixture of styles. I’m not saying who is involved, but I imagine it’ll be more than one person. Even with this comes the downside that once we finish and release this…people will want more and for specific reasons we can’t. All I will say is it will be a 10-15 short film.

I think that’s about it. It may have felt like not much was accomplished this year, but I had fun with the comic and it was an interesting experience to see what it would look like. The story progressed much faster and it was still fun to watch. I’m going to try to get a demo of Cyber-Zelda up as fast as I can, and see what the reactions are, finish the full game, and work on the last comic, then go back to animating Dark Sorcerers.

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